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Training Facility

ODTC has an indoor facility where we hold all classes. Each training class is 8 weeks long and taught by one of our fantastic instructors. They will help you overcome any challenges you and your dog have and help you become better bonded and confident with your family pet.


ORLANDO DOG TRAINING CLUB, INC. is a  501 3c non-profit Florida corporation and a member of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Florida Assn. Of Kennel Clubs (FAKC).

For 60 years, the Orlando Dog Training Club has been helping Central Floridians learn how to care for, feed, and train their dogs to make them more acceptable in the home and in public.

All dogs are welcome at our training classes, whether purebred or mixed breed, puppies or adults. ODTC offers a variety of dog activities to meet your particular needs.
All training classes are held in an air-conditioned building at 6357 All American Blvd, Orlando 32810.

Club Information

Club officers

President: Paul Reep

Vice President: Linda Unger

Recording Secretary: Bobbie Kurivial

Corresponding Secretary: Rose Oesterle

Treasurer: Patricia Chin

Training Director

Linda Unger

        Registration                                     Publicity                                              Obedience & Rally Trials

Cynthnia Margenau                                                                                          Linda Unger

Tracking Tests                                  Therapy Dogs                                      Website

Paul Reep                                                                                                          Drue Nadrowski

Come join us!
Individual membership dues are $45 per year (check) or $47 per year (PayPal).
Family membership dues are $55 per year (check) or $57 per year (PayPal).
Honorary membership has no dues and has no voting privileges. Voted on by membership.
Individual and Family memberships have voting privileges.

To apply for membership in ODTC, just fill out the Membership Application Form below and bring it with you when you attend a monthly meeting.
In addition, you will need to fulfill the requirements as stated in Standing Rule #10. The ODTC Standing Rules are available as a PDF file download.

ODTC members meet the fourth Monday of (almost) every month at 7:30 P.M. at our training building.
(*ODTC is offering another way for current members to pay their membership renewals! PayPal!)

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