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Training Schedule

Pre-Registration Required for all Classes
January classes are Full. 
Our Next Session Starts the week of  March 11, 2024

Orlando Dog Training Club's training classes are open to both ODTC members and non-members.  Classes listed in italics have pre-requisite classes that must be completed prior to taking that class. 


All ODTC classes require pre-registration.  After submitting your registration application on-line, you'll receive an email confirming your enrollment in the class and providing a link to pay either a deposit or your full class fee.  Classes are first come, first served and receipt of your deposit is necessary to hold your space in a class.  For puppy classes, please select the class for the age that your dog will be when the class starts.

If you are a first time ODTC student, you will need to sign up for Puppy Level I or Beginner). 

Some of our more advanced classes have a waiting list and so may not be available for registration.

You are welcome to visit our training classes (without your dog) on any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening when classes are in session. 

Click on any class  name to see available days/times

and to learn more about each class.

If you have questions about which class is right for your dog, please email us!

New to ODTC?  Start here!

​Dogs/Owners who are new to ODTC must start with the Puppy and Beginner introductory classes. 
Choose the class for the age your dog will be on the first day of class

Puppy Level I

Puppy Level 1

Available class times:

Tuesday @ 7 pm: Puppies 16 weeks to 9 months

Wednesday @ 5:15 pm: Puppies 8 weeks to 9 months

Wednesday @ 7 pm:  Puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks 


Play and learn with positive reinforcement training.  Puppy training includes safe socialization with people and other dogs, how to address puppy biting, house training, crating, handling and chewing.  Basic commands (sit/down/stand) will be taught along with attention games, walking on a leash, coming when called, leave it games.

Class orientation the first week without dogs.  Students must bring a copy of vaccines to orientation to show to the instructor.   Rabies not required on puppies under six months of age.

Class runs 8 weeks (1 class a week for 8 weeks)

Price:$160 (+ PayPal fee)


Puppy Level 2 

Available class times: Tuesday @ 8:15 pm | Wednesday @ 8:15 pm.     

For puppies 16 weeks to 12 months of age who have completed Puppy Level I  

(Exceptions approved by ODTC training director & instructor only.)

This class will help teach your adolescent puppy to be calm and attentive as they continue to learn and improve on basic commands with the addition of loose leash walking finding heel position on pot, impulse control games, stay in position, leave it/drop it/get it games, unexcitable polite greetings with people and other dogs, “place” games and recall games. 

Students must bring a copy of vaccines to orientation to show to the instructor.   Rabies not required on puppies under six months of age. Graduates will receive an AKC Star Puppy Program  certificate and can order a Star Puppy medallion from AKC.

No orientation session:  Puppies & dogs come to class first night. 

Class runs 8 weeks (1 class a week for 8 weeks)

Price:$160 (+ PayPal fee)

Beginner (9 months & up)

Available class times: Tuesday @ 7 pm | Wednesday @ 1 pm | Thursday 8:15 pm  


This class offers all the skills needed for the family dog; walking on a loose lead, coming when called, greeting guests politely, sitting politely to be petted, running to their “place” and stay, waiting to exit doors and vehicles, along with grooming and housebreaking techniques and skills. Excellent for puppies over 9 months and older dogs who have had little training. 

Class Orientation the first week is without dogs.

Class runs 8 weeks (1 class a week for 8 weeks)

Price:$160 (+ PayPal fee) 

Puppy Level II
Beginner (6 mon. & up)

The classes below require having completed the
Puppy and/or Beginner classes.

Beginner Plus
Pet Tricks

Beginner Plus

Prerequisite: Puppy Level I & Puppy Level II and/or Beginner (9 months & up)

Available class times: Tuesday @ 8:15 pm | Thursday @ 7:00 pm

This class is designed to teach perfect crate manners, good recall skills, self-control, body awareness and self-confidence to young puppies and older beginners with little training. The first four weeks of class will cover the "Crate Games" series developed by Susan Garrett.

Each handler will be required to bring a wire or airline crate (hard-sided only) to class each week. The crate MUST be large enough for the dog to enter in and to sit upright WITHOUT HITTING HIS/HER HEAD OR EARS.

The second four weeks of the class will provide rear-end awareness, swish poles, backing up and downs, tug games, spins and twirls and other foundation games that can be used for competition obedience, as independent games, and as a way to help burn off some of your dog's pent up energy. Learn how to interact with your puppy in a fun way that helps him/her use their brains in a positive way.


$160 (+ PayPal fee)  for non-members and $115  (+ PayPal fee) for members.

Pet Tricks (Beginner & Advanced)

Prerequisite: Beginner Plus

Available class times: Intro  Wednesday @ 7:00 pm | Advanced Tuesday @ 7:00 pm

Beginner:  Want to do more with your dog? Learn how to communicate and build your dog's confidence and concentration. Basic and fun tricks and games will help your dog learn how to think. These skills will carry over into our competition V-1 classes and the rest of your dog's life.  This class is a titling class through the Do More With Your Dog organization.

Advanced: Are you hooked on Tricks and want to continue? This class will use the foundations you have learned to use props and learn tricks like pushing a shopping cart, skateboarding, targeting, or fetching the mail. Your dog will learn to follow directions and stay on task while having fun while you learn to become a better trainer and use your imagination to create tricks.


$128 (+ PayPal fee) for non-members and $80 for members (+ PayPal fee)

Canine Good Citizen/AKC Fit Dog

Canine Good Citizen Advanced/Fit Dog II

Prerequisite: Fit Dog II students must have CGC title and taken Fit Dog course.

Available class times: Fit Dog/CGC Thursday @ 7:00 pm & Fit Dog II & CGCA Thursday @ 8:15 pm

The class is designed to prep owners and their dogs for the Canine Good Citizen Advanced test also known as the AKC Community Canine, given on the final day of class. Students will be instructed on responsible dog ownership, the importance of canine conditioning and fitness, and how to perform each CGC exercise and the requirements to pass the test. The class will incorporate AKC Fit Dog level 2 fitness exercises that complement the Canine Good Citizen skills, building on exercises already mastered from Fit Dog Level 1 class. Students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate the Fit Dog skills learned for an AKC Fit Dog Level 2 Certificate, as well as an AKC Fit Dog silver title.


Dogs should already have basic obedience including: sit, down, stand, loose leash walking, tuck sit, kick back stand, fold back down, front & rear paw targeting, stay & recall.  Dogs should not be reactive to people, other dogs, or have separation anxiety

 $128 (+ PayPal fee) for non-members and $80 (+ PayPal fee) for members

V1 Foundations

Prerequisite: Beginner Plus & Pet Tricks class. Dog must be able to work in a busy class environment.

Available times: Tuesday @ 8:15 pm  |  Wednesday @ 7:00 pm  | Thursday @ 11:45 am

This class is geared for those planning to compete in obedience and rally .  This is a Competition Obedience Class with positive motivational training which offers all the foundation exercises for obedience competition including recalls, quick fronts with chairs and treats, introduces the front box and swish poles, the broad jump, the pop-up stand for examination, standing cookie tosses & recalls, directed retrieve using plates, finishes, puppy/beginner jumps, introduction to hand signals, and begins formal heeling training with introduction to the figure eight, about turns, right turns, and left turns. Beginner sits & downs are included.  


This class is ongoing and students should plan to take a minimum of 4 sessions until the dog/handler team has a solid foundation for all of the exercises.  Students will be prepared to show in the Beginner Novice Class, Novice Class and have full foundations for the Open Class.

Pricing based on 8 week long sessions. $128 (+ PayPal fee) for nonmembers and $80 (+ PayPal fee) for members.

NOTE: This class currently has a waiting list.  Do not register for V1 unless you are a current V1 student or have the permission of the Training Director.

Rally (Intro, Intermediate, & Coursework)

Prerequisite: Beginner and CGC (or approval from the Training Director)

Rally classes do NOT teach basic obedience foundation work.

All students must bring a crate to the class with them.

Available Times: 

Intro Thursday @ 7:00 pm

Intermediate Monday @ 7:00 pm (6 week long course)

Coursework Wednesday @ 7:00

Intro: This course is the next step for dogs who have  completed CGC, walk nicely on a leash and understand sit and down? This class will introduce the Rally signs and how to execute them both individually and in short sequences. 8 week session.

Intermediate: This class focuses on the development of teamwork using short course sequences and practice of individual signs. Most signs will be novice/advanced as the focus is teamwork. Excellent/Master signs introduced as appropriate. Please note that this is a 6 week session.

Coursework: This class offers guided practice with a mentor and different combinations of skill sets and signs. New courses and combinations are practiced each week. 8-week session.

Intro & Coursework, $128 (+ PayPal fee) for non-members and $80 (+ PayPal fee)  for members -  8 weeks.

Intermediate $96 (+ PayPal fee) for non-members and $60 (+ PayPal fee) for members -  6 weeks.

Rally students new to ODTC who have not taken Beginner and CGC classes

must have the Training Director's approval and use the New Student Registration Form

Open Plus

Prerequisite: Dog must have taken the V1 Foundations program and been recommended for move up to Open Plus OR be ready to show in the Open Ring and demonstrate knowledge of the Open Exercises.

Available Class times: Wednesday @ 8:15 pm | Thursday @ 11:45 am

Open Plus is for dog and handler teams that have completed the V1 foundations program OR who are currently showing in Open and preparing to show in the Open Class. This class will work on smoothing out the exercises and flow of the Open class, improving performances and adding distraction training. Open Plus will also introduce all of the Utility Class exercises so that students will learn scent articles, directed retrieve, moving stand, signal heelwork, and directed jumping.
Limited to 8 student teams. Wednesday @ 8:15

Pricing based on 8 week long sessions. $128 (+ PayPal fee) for nonmembers and $80 (+ PayPal fee) for members.

Intro to K9 Nosework

Prerequisite: Beginner Plus and a recommendation from our CGC instructor or the Training Director.

Available class time:  Friday 7:00 pm

Entry-level dogs and handlers will learn to work together by teaching dogs to search independently for food or toys (dogs will not be started on odor in this class). Dogs will learn to search confidently and independently for their reward. Handlers will learn to read their dog’s searching behaviors and find out more about the benefits of K9 Nosework. 


Class is limited to six dog and handler teams. All dogs that are not working must be crated until it is their turn to search. Class one is an orientation and evaluation session for dog-handler teams. Subsequent classes will focus on developing dog and handler skills. 


To learn more about K9 Nosework:

UDX (Open & Prep for Title)

*Prerequisite: Dogs must have CDX or be currently showing/training at the Open Level and have foundation Utility skills.

**Available Class times: Tuesday @ 7:00 pm 

This class will have a primary focus on the utility exercises, but will maintain the Open skills also and is geared for those already showing in or, or having obtained a CDX title in AKC. Teams will work on ring entry skills, maintaining performance levels, keeping drive alive along with the regular AKC exercises.


Pricing based on 8 week long sessions. $128 (+ PayPal fee) for non-members and $80 (+ PayPal fee) for members.  Session runs 8 weeks unless otherwise noted. See confirmation email.

Therapy Dog Class

Prerequisite: CGC (Canine Good Citizen) required plus a recommendation from our CGC instructor or the Training Director.

**Available class time: Thursday @ 10:00 AM

This class will teach you the necessary skills to facilitate animal assisted therapy under the direction of a health care or human services professional.  It will assess your dog's willingness to offer affection, hope, comfort and  joy while meeting people.  The candidate teams must pass an assessment at the conclusion of the class. This class meets the Intermountain Therapy Animals' handler education requirements to become an licensed, insured team.  

$115.00, includes $44 dollar training manual.

Introduction to V1 Foundations

Prerequisite: Beginner Plus & Pet Tricks class. Dog must be able to work in a busy class environment.

Available times: Thursday @ 8:15 pm 

This class is by invitation only.  Please do not register without permission of the Training Director.  this class is to prepare dogs planning to complete for the V1 Foundations class.

Pricing based on 8 week long sessions. $128 (+ PayPal fee) for nonmembers and $80 (+ PayPal fee) for members.

Open Plus
CGC/Fit Dog
V1 Foundations
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