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What do I need to know?


Please read class descriptions before clicking on the sign up button. 
Next session begins SEPTEMBER 25th, 2023



new student

Returning Student

(17-25 wks old)

Beginner 1
(6 months & up)

Beginner PLUS
*Req. Beginner 1


Pet Tricks
*Req. Beg 1

V1 Foundations
*Req. Beg. PLUS

Pet Therapy
*PreReq. Required

K9 Nosework
*Approval Required

*Schedule Varies


*Prereq. Required

*PreReq. required

Open Plus
*PreReq. required

There are class requirements for a lot of our classes. Please see the class description for the class you are interested in. If after reading the description you are unsure as to which class you should take, email the Training Director and provide a full synopsis of your dog’s training history and she will make a recommendation.

There may be a waiting list for a class, especially the advanced obedience competition classes.
At this time we do have a waiting list for our V-1 classes. Any students who did not take that class in the previous session will have to be approved by our Training Director.

Please note – we accept registrations on a "first-received-with-deposit" basis. Our classes generally fill up a week or two prior to the start of each session.

If you have questions, please contact the Training Director. Please note you will receive a reply generally within 3-5 business days. All of our staff are volunteers and work at full-time jobs during the day. Communications will be handled via email.

Please note that ODTC does not accept any credit cards or debit cards in our training facility. Payments must be by cash or bank check. Electronic payment can be made in advance and will be available in class confirmation email.

Kindergarten and Beginner classes are first night  is without dogs.


How to Sign up

1. Fill out Registration form.
2. The training director reviews all form submissions.
4. After review, an email from with confirmation or follow up instructions. (If you don't hear from us you might want to check your spam folder).
5. Online payment will then be available for confirmed students. 
6. Payment required before first class.
7. Please read the Training Night Handout.

Our emails will have more information tailored to the specific class you are taking.

Please see our confirmation email. It has a lot of information pertaining to the class you are taking. Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early on the first night. Please read the Training Night Handout. ODTC will not be responsible for damage or loss of personal belongings.

Choke/slip chains are not allowed in training classes. Buckle collars, gentle leaders, martingale collars and rubber-tipped prong collars are all recommended for class. E-collars are not allowed at ODTC.

We do not offer make up classes if you miss a class night. If we have to cancel due to weather or some other unforeseen circumstance, ODTC will offer an additional class night or credit/reimbursement for the missed class.

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